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Moreover, it contributed to a revitalization of the bands live shows, which now heavily featured Angela Seos eccentric contributions at full tilt, backing some of the most deranged vocal performances Stewart has ever given. In short, this record is seedy as fuck, pulsing with red neon, syrupy fake blood oozing down the walls of a dilapidated sanitarium. A Knife In The Sun is a good reference point for where Xiu Xiu were at this point; its malevolent, dirge-like qualities build to explosive wails and drones, the sound of things dying at the end of a sharp blade. Its not a stretch to say that the industrial sensibilities on display here are directly descended from bands like Swans, with whom Xiu Xiu had spent time touring, developing a close rapport with that bands controversial frontman, Michael Gira. Even slightly more hopeful numbers seem decayed around the edges; New Life Immigration is about a double suicide, the horror-tinged calypso beat of Bitter Melon deals with crushed innocence, and the slowly unfurling Botanica De Los Angeles combines the two difficult themes, narrating the death of someone who has suffered tremendous abuse with a thudding beat that hits squarely in the chest. The characters in Angel Guts live in a torturous kind of purgatory, stretched to extremes on a rack of incessant drum machines and creepy organs, and Stewart channels that pain with his hysterics. Much the same as a cerebral slasher flick, theres something both thrilling and sick about Angel Guts: Red Classroom, though its definitely not for the faint of heart. View photos Playing Music From Twin Peaks More 8.

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