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The grim prediction that up to 17,000 Indian restaurants could vanish from high streets comes from Yawar Kahn, head of the Asian Catering Federation (ACF). He has warned Britains korma and vindaloo specialists they will be in a pickle if they dont revamp dishes to make them healthier. Britains move to a clean-eating regime has left many curry houses stuck in the 90s, when they were the go-to diners after pubs shut. But with more choice for eating out than ever, Mr Khan said restaurateurs need to streamline old fashioned menus, offer more authentic food and get techno-savvy with more presence online. And he urged them to cater for a thriving lunchtime market with low calorie, veggie options and innovative tea-lists to replace beer and wine. Read More Fearless French waitress drags hungry giant lizard out of a restaurant by its TAIL after it wandered in 'Traditional' dishes like chicken korma aren't pulling in the punters (Photo: Getty Images) While two curry houses a week are going bust, overall the 54.7billion dining out market is thriving with sales and new openings on the increase, said Mr Khan. He blamed a lack of imagination from many owners for the demise of the curry house and said: For years we have been telling restaurants they need to up their game with shorter menus, offering healthier options with more fish and vegetable dishes, with genuinely authentic regional food. He said while office workers were shunning heavy, overly spiced food like rich biriyanis and lamb cooked in oil or ghee at lunchtime, there was a demand for light bites like grilled fish and chicken dishes prepared with a modern twist. There are some wonderful, innovative new restaurants that are doing well but the old fashioned Bangladeshi ones are getting left behind, he said. Many rarely see a customer at lunch time, while pubs and chains like Nandos and Thai restaurants are serving thousands of spicy dishes throughout the day. Curry houses need more lunchtime customers (Photo: Aldershot News and Mail) And looking at their drinks menus, you would never know that they grow tea in India where are the green, oolong and white teas.